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Harry Winston launches Opus 14

As part of the Opus legend, this outstanding new watch is inspired by the symbol of the 1950s: the jukebox.https://www.saleperfecttime.com/rm-056-c-8_70/

Opus was first and foremost a human journey, beginning in 2001, working with independent watchmakers. It imagines a new paradigm that violates the rules of innovation and time reading. This is a journey shared by Harry Winston with the most passionate collectors of extraordinary works.

In 2015, Harry Winston Timepieces wrote Chapter 14 in this unique legend. Working with two visionary watchmakers, Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, the brand offers an excellent opportunity to further break through the limits of imagination. It all started with a blank slate with a completely original timepiece. Code: Opus 14.

The Opus 14 https://www.saleperfecttime.com combines the best in mechanical innovation with extraordinary entertainment. The outline of the model is a collection of visual surprises, placed underneath a sapphire crystal cut from a single piece, placed in a 154.7 mm gold case with a diameter of 54.7 mm. In its design and automaton complexity, this new product evokes a jukebox and its mechanical structure has been miniaturized. The soul of the Opus 14 is shaped by every detail: a stylized display of local time at 9 o'clock, a vinyl finish on various dials, a two-tone badge with 14 gauge, a shaded red retrograde minute arc, hour Mark the style and blue tones. These elements are reminiscent of the rock age and iconic restaurant aesthetics, as well as the legendary Route 66.

The miniaturization of the jukebox mechanism was the first and was patented by Harry Winston. It shows the four disks in the store, each showing a specific display: local time, GMT time, date, and star with Mr. Harry Winston's signature, referring to the star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.http://www.fashionwatchtime.com

Activate the selector at 9 o'clock on the edge of the chassis and select the desired display. This action sets the entire storage to move up and down, freeing the selected disk. When pressed for the first time, the button at 4 o'clock activates a moving arm that picks up the disk and places it on the platform to be read. When the disk showing the local time remains at 9 o'clock, the selected GMT, date or star disk is located on the platform. Once the disk is in place, pressing the button again will reactivate the arm, moving the disk back to the storage area.

The complexity of Harry Winston's unique sport and the Opus collection are characterized by two different power reserves. One can ensure up to 68 hours of timing autonomy; the other guarantees up to five round-trip disk movements. Although the power reserves are independent and operate independently, they are driven by a common winding mechanism. In addition, the button on the lug at 12 o'clock allows the wearer to correct the date and GMT.

As a result, the 1,066 components that make up the Opus 14 turn this unique timepiece into reality. Opus 14, is ideally suited as a special model of the legend of Opus.http://www.fashionwatchtime.com

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