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Hublot 2019 new watch | The infinite future created by the big bang Where does the universe come from? Scientists in the 20th century gave an answer: singularity! At some point 13 billion years ago, the big bang of the universe, the balance of singularity was broken, converted into matter, and the material expanded outward. After a few years, the present universe was formed! The big bang in English is: Big Bang! One of the two series of Hublots to be talked about today is also Big Bang! HUBLOT BIG BANG ONE CLICK SANG BLEU STEEL TURQUOISE 465.SS.892L.VR.1204.MMXM

The theory of the Big Bang should be one of the most shocking theories of the last century. Whether it is life or time, everything is born in the moment of the flood, which symbolizes the new world and the future.

When we look up to the sky, we will sigh the vastness of the universe. At the same time, there are countless mysteries entangled in our hearts: Where does this vast universe come from? Where does time and space start? 13.75 billion years ago, that was the moment when the universe was born, and for you and me, there will be a "big bang" moment that belongs to our own life. From that moment on, we will start again and start a new journey.

In my opinion, HUBLOT's Big Bang series represents a moment in which passion is expressed in an instant and becomes a new starting point.

When the best replica watches review is not just a tool for measuring time, especially when wearing a top watch, the more important function is to tell the world who I am. Can it be done with just one watch?

Yes, in the watch brands that compete with each other, Hublot is prepared for those who are brave enough to express themselves, have personality, have ideas, and are full of young and fashionable attitudes.

"Only the richest life can bear the meaning of time."

The moment of Big Bang, the Big Bang, represents the big bang of life experienced by everyone who has reached the peak of success.

At the end of August 2019, Switzerland's top luxury watch Hublot came to Chengdu to do a 2019 Basel new watch preview, bringing the brand's two major series: Big Bang and classic fusion. Let's talk about these two series today and talk about Huber's new Basel 2019.

Starting from Big Bang, detonating the peak

Big Bang is a very important series of Hublot. When it came out in 2005, it caused a sensation in the watchmaking industry. In the year of the Geneva high-class watch award, it won the prestigious design award, which is the "big bang" moment of Hublot.bremont kingsman replica watches

Its shape is outstanding, giving viewers a pleasing visual experience. The six H-shaped screws are not only the role of decoration, but also the key to running through and stabilizing the entire body structure of the sandwich.

The first watch to watch today is the soul series in the Big Bang series, the Big Bang tourbillon watch in the barrel-shaped case.

The dial of the soul tourbillon is extremely simple, with a large timepiece, and the modern visual effect is unforgettable.

This watch has a total of black and blue. Adding these two colors to the carbon fiber material makes the color of the case unique. This is Hublot's “fusion art”.

The back of the watch is also curved, which fits the wrist very well. The whole watch looks like a huge 42mm, but when you take it in your hand, you will find it is light, because its material is carbon fiber, Hublot continues to break through innovation in the material field, the first time the carbon fiber material is used In the barrel-shaped case.

We all know that Hublot is a master of new materials. First of all, it is the world's first brand that combines precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Now, whether it is carbon fiber, king gold, or colorful ceramics, titanium alloys, magic gold, it is very handy. If it is said that Hublot, a young 80-year-old newcomer, is a magic weapon for the vertical and horizontal watch industry, it is naturally a new material and a new cooperation.Greubel Forsey replica Watches

Hublot’s new cooperation is also worth a good talk.

We know that many cross-border cooperation objects of luxury watches are small, elegant and expensive traditional sports fields, such as: equestrian, sailing, golf; and Hublot's cross-border cooperation is different, more biased to the public , trendy, and even street cooperation projects. For example, the tattoo, the launch of the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo watch.

The master of cross-border is the genius tattooist Maxime Plescia-Buchi.

The Big Bang he designed is like this -

If you use four words to describe it simply and rudely, it is cool! Hyun! mad! Hey! The modernity of Big Bang is so different.

The whole watch has a "round" and "corner". The classic round bezel has been polished into a hexagonal shape with six H-shaped screws, which is very recognizable.

I really like the geometry that repeats on the case and the dial. The pure geometry of the square and the circle, staring at the figure for a few seconds, will reveal that this is basically a beautiful geometry that rotates and dances in space. .

From the side, you will find that the dial has a complex level, one by one, and the three-dimensional visual experience is immediately presented.

With a diameter of 45mm, it is perfectly fine to get started.

Hublot for the first time in 2016 in collaboration with Maxime Plescia- Buchi, the second generation of this year have firmly grasped the young love of tattoos and a large number of pop culture.

Let the girls fall in love with Big Bang, Hublot invited to the artist Marc Ferrero (Marc Ferrero) cooperation, a "lipstick" Let the image of women in the 21st century jump on top of the watch.

I really like the point of this watch. This female figure is very full, wearing black sunglasses, and it is very solemn and unobtrusive. It is in line with the characteristics of contemporary women. "I am a fashionable and funny girl, not only makes you relaxed and happy, but also Organic wisdom, playfulness, absurdity and imagination."www.bestluxurysale.com

The dial is surrounded by a female pattern in the form of a diffuse form. Only one lipstick is placed between the lips, and the big female lord is born.

This Big Bang, like the soul series tourbillon, uses Hublot's strap quick release system. The preview site has a live demo of the staff. It is taken off the strap and the strap is lowered when installed. It is very convenient to insert it at the slot.

The last Big Bang is also different, because it uses the self-owned UNICO movement that Hublot debuted in 2010 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Ferrari team's birth.

The three concepts of “past”, “now” and “future” are combined with the watch. The bezel is made of ceramic carbon fiber, which is the brake kit material used by Ferrari in the Formula 1 racing car.

The three Big Bang Ferrari 90th Anniversary watches use a color on the tri-color logo of the team on the edging, numbers and time markers.

The platinum version uses yellow, the 3D stereo carbon fiber version uses red, and the sapphire version uses black.

Seeing here, you will sigh, also the Big Bang series, but the round, square, and barrel shape looks like a brand new watch series, plus the cooperation of different artists and different themes. Let Big Bang change endlessly. Luxury watches can also present a fresh and exciting consumer without stopping.http://www.bagsbagu.com

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Harry Winston launches Opus 14

As part of the Opus legend, this outstanding new watch is inspired by the symbol of the 1950s: the jukebox.richard mille rm 056 price

Opus was first and foremost a human journey, beginning in 2001, working with independent watchmakers. It imagines a new paradigm that violates the rules of innovation and time reading. This is a journey shared by Harry Winston with the most passionate collectors of extraordinary works.

In 2015, Harry Winston Timepieces wrote Chapter 14 in this unique legend. Working with two visionary watchmakers, Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, the brand offers an excellent opportunity to further break through the limits of imagination. It all started with a blank slate with a completely original timepiece. Code: Opus 14.

The Opus 14 replica watches for sale combines the best in mechanical innovation with extraordinary entertainment. The outline of the model is a collection of visual surprises, placed underneath a sapphire crystal cut from a single piece, placed in a 154.7 mm gold case with a diameter of 54.7 mm. In its design and automaton complexity, this new product evokes a jukebox and its mechanical structure has been miniaturized. The soul of the Opus 14 is shaped by every detail: a stylized display of local time at 9 o'clock, a vinyl finish on various dials, a two-tone badge with 14 gauge, a shaded red retrograde minute arc, hour Mark the style and blue tones. These elements are reminiscent of the rock age and iconic restaurant aesthetics, as well as the legendary Route 66.

The miniaturization of the jukebox mechanism was the first and was patented by Harry Winston. It shows the four disks in the store, each showing a specific display: local time, GMT time, date, and star with Mr. Harry Winston's signature, referring to the star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Devon Tread 2

Activate the selector at 9 o'clock on the edge of the chassis and select the desired display. This action sets the entire storage to move up and down, freeing the selected disk. When pressed for the first time, the button at 4 o'clock activates a moving arm that picks up the disk and places it on the platform to be read. When the disk showing the local time remains at 9 o'clock, the selected GMT, date or star disk is located on the platform. Once the disk is in place, pressing the button again will reactivate the arm, moving the disk back to the storage area.

The complexity of Harry Winston's unique sport and the Opus collection are characterized by two different power reserves. One can ensure up to 68 hours of timing autonomy; the other guarantees up to five round-trip disk movements. Although the power reserves are independent and operate independently, they are driven by a common winding mechanism. In addition, the button on the lug at 12 o'clock allows the wearer to correct the date and GMT.

As a result, the 1,066 components that make up the Opus 14 turn this unique timepiece into reality. Opus 14, is ideally suited as a special model of the legend of Opus.Ulysse Nardin replica Watches

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Shopping copy watches Online


Brand Cvstos

Item Type Duplicate Challenge Watches

Motion Self winding

Situation Rose Gold, Titanium

The situation shape Barrel, Tonne

Bracelet rubber strap

Dial Color Silver, Grey, Skeleton

Diameter 53. 7 x 41 mm

Gender men

BELT Pin Buckle

Width 13. 35 mm

GLASS Sapphire

FEATURES Minutes, Seconds, Hours, Day

Boxes common package

Model Number Chrono II Power Reserve Red Precious metal

Racing on the hand - Richard Miller RM-011

For a brand that released its first watch just 16 years ago, Richard Innumerevoli quickly became one of the top brands in the luxury view industry. Many celebrity real reviews from Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Yeoh, Natalie Portman, John Black, Rafael Nadal, Buba Watson as well as Philippe Massa (more concerning this in a minute) And beneficiaries want to know how Richard Cooper has become so big and thus fast. But owing their own success to the Celebrity Organization is wrong - this timepiece itself is a huge contributor, providing some of the most advanced features of the actual world's most experimental and also high-tech materials, as well as the twenty first century's distinctive aesthetics and also the most important. It is - the tribute to the ancient custom of Swiss watchmaking. Replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Watch

This particular watch debuts with a 18-karat rose gold bezel and a expert diamond set with a second . 5-carat round brilliant-cut VS1 diamond in GH. Created and manufactured by our own Period 4 diamond customization division, this bezel replaces the initial regular 5-grade titanium board, adding extra luxury for this luxury watch. This personalization is characteristic of the most superior and imaginative work we now have done in the Time 4 Gemstone Customization department. If you are thinking about customizing your watch, be it a diamond or a jewel setting, PVD, DLC and even just change the dial : give We call or even email.

head dial

The skeletal system dial is one of the most unique visible and functional elements of the particular RM-011. In front of the closed anti-glare, curved sapphire crystal, typically the dial has many things, embellished with digital Arabic numbers, with a rare heavy uncommon earth chronograph dial, day and month display, tachymeter and hours and moments. The very large semi-instantaneous time display at 12 o'clock is a very cool addition, often the frame is a red horizontally aperture, working between four and 5 points using the month display. The three wathe dials feature a 60-minute count-down timer at 9 o'clock, a 12-hour accumulator in 6 o'clock and a second hands monitor at 3 o'clock, all with fluorescent fingers, providing almost everything you might need Almost all clock functions. HOT CVSTOS CHALLENGE CHRONO II POWER RESERVE RED GOLD copy watch

The actual dial can also be used to display the RMAC1 Richard Infiniti RM-011 movement, which utilizes a brand-first flyback chronograph which allows the wearer to place the timepiece without stopping or stopping the actual movement - when you calculate the moment The stopwatch is essential for the time of Method One. Another important feature from the movement is the variable geometry rotor, a unique Richard Un migliaio design that adjusts the particular automatic winding efficiency in line with the wearer's activity.

Without hiding it, typically the Richard Miller RM-011 is really a large watch and a 5-grade titanium casing, 40 milimetre wide, 50 mm lengthy and 16 mm thicker, which is not something you will overlook. Borrowing aesthetics from the RM-004 and RM-008 predecessors, often the RM-011 case itself is actually a full year of investigation and development, requiring as much as 202 independent machine procedures to create, it consists primarily of three grade five titanium alloys (and now could be Rose gold) parts, and stuck with 20-grade-5 titanium anchoring screws. This large three-lock rubberized frame g rade-5 ti alloy crown and 5-grade titanium chronograph putter put in a pleasant finishing touch. The particular instantly recognizable case, the rear of the sapphire crystal situation allows you to observe all the beauty of RMAC1.. buy Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 ANNUAL CALENDAR 03.2430.4054/21.C721 copy watch

Racing device on the wrist

The classic black breathable plastic strap adds to the sporty really feel of this watch and includes a smooth, point-and-click 5-level ti safety clasp. Although we certainly have determined that this watch is actually worn on the wrist, will not feel bulky and seems so light - which means you almost forget that you use it. Thanks to the Philippe Quantità Association, Richard Miller very first listed the watch as a " sports car on the wrist" to convey respect for the precision in the car in the design realignment. Although Richard Mille simply appeared in the neighborhood very quickly, they obviously still remain here. This highly-collected, right now more luxurious RM-011 Felipe Massa has become a classic with regard to luxury watch lovers.

In this humorous but helpful video, Watch Your Style's Eric Rivera offers all of us the concept of a Swiss luxurious watch model that is constantly on the shine in our industry: Rich Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa. Are you looking forward to Patek Philippe or something else?

It's hard to believe that this type of popular watch comes from an organization that almost appeared within the Swiss watchmaking era. Rich Mille SA was founded within 1999 by French business person Richard Mille and failed to start selling his 1st watch until 2001! The way they try to compete with more mature luxurious Swiss brands that have been running a business for more than 100 years is a really great feat.

RM11 design

Typically the RM11 is truly heavyweight and appears impressive on the wrist. Because Eric described, “This enjoy is a complete bully. ” Therefore , anyone wearing this particular giant from Richard Burns will definitely be able to highlight a strong, radioactive The " see game" (must be among Eric's favorite buzzwords).

Despite its amazing size, this Richard Moltissimi watch is very comfortable because of its curved design. It is made with a square Tonneau and it has a very comfortable wrist. You can observe that it has a curved back. When you wear it on your wrist, it really is like a glove. luxury copy BREMONT watches price


Item Type: Look-alike JAGUAR Watches

Circumstance Material: Stainless Steel


Water Resistance Level: life proof water

Movement: automatic

Switch Diameter: 43 mm

Thickness: --

Call: White

Glass: Sky-blue

Clasp Type: Flag Buckle

Boxes: typical box package without papers

Gender: men

Band Material Type: Calfskin strap

Functions: Hrs, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph, Tachymeter and Date

Product Number: BJ-II-WH

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