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CAT 3306 Crankcase pressure?
сообщение Oct 24 2017, 08:08
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I work on an oystering boat, and our main engine is a CAT 3306. Today when adding oil, the oil bubbled back up into the funnel, and drained slowly back into the engine. Then we checked the CCV, and found that the line (1.5" line to a filter box) was plugged full of an oily/watery sludge, about the consistency of wheel bearing grease. Haven't checked the filter yet but I'm assuming it's plugged as well.

Obviously the plugged CCV caused the pressure, but what could've caused that? We have been losing water lately, but haven't found any in the oil. Obviously some of it is ending up in the CCV though. I'm just hoping someone here can shed some light. We may have to get a CAT tech, but their help has been spotty in the past, so any insight is appreciated!

Please help.

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