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The 500hr grease interval claim ?
сообщение Oct 25 2017, 09:08
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So another hot topic from Friday's visit was the 500hr greasing claim from JCB. The MD of compact products struggled to see why pretty much the whole group didn't think it was a good idea and was keen to point out they had tested it to 1000hrs - although this turned out to be a lab test not actual site conditions...

Personally I don't see it as a bad idea, anything that reduces wear on the machine will improve its resale value and keep running costs down on repairs but stretching it to 500hrs is too much. Others pointed out that the greasing ritual is a good time to inspect the machine for other defects.

Trying to get some life back into the forum with a few new topics so please join in and say what you think about this idea.
Any experience, advice or bucket recommendations would be appriciated.

Please help.

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