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Recommendations for a high-quality photo printer?
сообщение Oct 27 2017, 09:40
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I've been a CNET member since 2007 and I've actually saved just about every newsletter you've sent... LOL. Well worth it as far as I am concerned. Long story short, well, short as possible. I am a photographer and I am contemplating purchasing a printer. Up to now, I've always had the professionals do the printing for me. The trouble is that I do not understand what I should be looking for. Inkjet or laser? What size printer? What manufacturer? How large a photography size print will I be able to get? Are some printers better than others? Are some more expensive to run? Technology has come a long way but understanding hasn't kept pace. The list of questions I have are endless. Maybe I should just mention what I'd like.

Please help.

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